Snugg Home is an internet application that provides a completely integrated solution to the home energy retrofit problem. Snugg Home connects the homeowner with energy efficiency programs, energy auditors, contractors, and public or private financing.

Rampframe is the first action sports social community that gives athletes the ability to share gear with each other around the world.  Athletes are able to rate their sharing experiences creating a trusted community.

Silent Ink. was born as a lifestyle sports clothing company in 2004. After a time of dormancy, the brand has re-emerged, focusing on video documentary production of local lifestyle sports.

Mountain-op is for mountain enthusiasts looking to borrow gear or find the cheapest prices on gear.  It is built on top of a custom platform that searches and indexes tens of thousands of products.  The platform will be used to release other sites for different markets in the near future.  Users can create a profile, add gear to it, and specify whether or not they want to loan in it out. is the first site created specifically for the park visitor community that aggregates social media feeds, ParkVisitor™ ratings and expert content to enhance the park visitor experience. connects you with local, professional drone pilots to film your wedding, real estate, surf session, anything. Read reviews, compare prices and hire the pilot that best fits your needs and budget. The marketplace has been featured in WIRED, Forbes and soon to be in Martha Stewart Weddings. is an outdoor gear search engine that raises money for outdoor & environmental related organizations.  When someone uses the site to purchase gear, up to 18% of the purchase supports an organization at no cost to the user.

Who we are…

We are a small company located in Wakefield, RI, servicing clients worldwide.  We are enthusiastic about turning your vision into reality. Our clients often express appreciation for the utmost level of professionalism, personalized service and flexibility.

What we do…

Our services, include web development, mobile application development, e-commerce, social media services and  search engine optimization. We also provide our clients with strategic consulting and support services to ensure that your ideas are developed with the greatest accuracy and efficiency possible.

Why Django?

Django is the web framework for perfectionist with deadlines. It is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design.  Django makes it possible to build high-performing, elegant Web applications quickly and efficiently.


Located in beautiful Wakefield, Rhode Island, Django Junkie is a small company servicing clients worldwide.  Founder David Brown is the main programmer behind all of the projects.  He has fourteen years of experience in web development and a background in robotics, software, and electrical engineering.  At Django Junkie, our work is as much a hobby as it is a career and we love taking on new challenges.  If you have something custom in mind, we are enthusiastic about turning your vision into reality. Our clients often express appreciation for the utmost level of professionalism, personalized service and flexibility.


  • Dave is the perfect balance between someone with versatile technical skills and extraordinarily clear and effective communication.  He worked with Facta Research Inc. on numerous projects and continued to exceed expectations on each project. He also demonstrated exceptional patience when dealing with multiple iterations and edits.  When changes arose, Dave quickly created fresh ideas that met our changing goals and specifications.  We would be lucky to work with such a dedicated and talented developer like Dave again.

    Adrienne Chin-Perez, CMO - San Francisco, CA

  • We initially contacted Dave for a short-term assignment to build a website from our Fireworks mockup.  During that engagement he proved to be such a valuable resource, to have such a broad set of skills, and to be such a pleasure to work with that we retained him to work on our online application.  Dave is a very competent programmer, but the real value he has provided is his ability to think broadly about our objectives and recommend ways to accomplish them better.

    Jeff Hunt, Founder - Boston, MA

  • Dave’s responsiveness, professionalism, speed of execution, clear communications, and excellent end product made working with him a real pleasure.  It’s what you hope all client – developer relationships would be.

    Dariane Hunt, Founder - Boston, MA

  • It’s been a pleasure working with Dave. Dave helped me produce several complicated websites which featured advanced backend management systems. His helpfulness and perseverance were equaled by his sense of humor and affability, all of which are rare attributes in someone of his high skill level. I can’t wait to produce our next site together!

    Paul Gurney, Web Architect/Founder
    PDG Associates

  • Software Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Interface and Graphic Design
  • E-Commerce
  • Support Services

Software Development

Web frameworks

We prefer to build most of our applications using the Django framework.  Django allows us to build high-performing, elegant web applications quickly without sacrificing quality.  This greatly reduces the client’s initial cost as well as the cost of maintenance.  We also develop in Ruby on Rails and PHP.

Content Management Systems

Content management systems are an ‘out-of-the-box’ solution for creating a quick and easy way to manage your online content.  They typically are found in blogs or sites that don’t necessarily need a lot of custom features.  Some popular management systems we use are Django-CMS, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Social Media Marketing

We will help you to leverage the power of social media marketing to your company’s advantage by encouraging website visitors to share your brand and content across the internet.

  • Custom Facebook and Landing Pages
  • Blogs
  • Facebook Contests
  • Newsletters
  • Facebook Commerce
  • Facebook Ad’s

Search Engine Optimization

An effective SEO objective requires a clear strategy for implementation.  This includes analysis of competing sites and comparison of applicable keywords’ market dominance to reveal opportunities for increased search rankings.  The popularity or competitiveness of your chosen keywords will help to define the most effective and targeted campaign possible.  Through evaluation of current sites search engine readiness including inspection of website structure, tag usage, inbound links, url optimization etc., the clients optimization needs are realized.  We then assist with creating quality content including optimization of keywords and elements such as title, body and META tags.  Clients are trained for the ability to maintain the objective.

All sites are equipped with Google Analytics, a web analytics solution that gives you insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. It’s powerful, flexible and easy-to-use features let you see and analyze your traffic data preparing you to write better-targeted ads, strengthen your marketing initiatives and create higher converting websites.

Interface and Graphic Design

We design beautiful and unique websites in Photoshop that speak clearly to your audience.  All projects are hand-coded and professionally done using CSS, HTML and Javascript/jQuery.  Before your site is sent live, it is published to a test server for previewing and testing on supported web browsers.


Open source e-commerce technologies are used to keep your cost down and allow us to fully customize your e-commerce needs.  We can quickly provide you with the ability to sell products on your site by using software that allows you to manage your inventory and track sales.

Support Services

It is our goal to fulfill your wishes for your website in the most efficient manner possible. In order to do so, we offer consulting services to help you choose wisely when making high level technical decisions. The choices you make at the beginning of a project often prove to be critical to your business’s success.
We will help you to:

  • Utilize optimal technologies
  • Identify critical questions and components
  • Perform market analysis and interpretation of web analytics data

Please feel free to email us.